The Global Sampling Specialists in Automatic, Manual and Multiphase Sampling Systems

Located in the Rotterdam Europoort area, one the world’s largest oil import and oil export harbours, KPS has developed as a specialist in the field of custody transfers of crude and refined hydrocarbon products. Our turn-key automatic sampling systems are installed at all the major oil storage terminals and refineries for custody transfer of fiscal metering purposes globally. KPS automatic sampling system are the worlds most accurate and reliable systems.


KPS e-Jet-Mix™

Fast Loop

Probe Sampler

Multiphase Sampler

Optimize Crude Oil Transfers with KPS Automatic Sampling Systems

KPS automatic sampling systems are essential for making or verifying the bill of lading and obtaining detailed information on the oil composition during transfers. Accurate registration of this data is crucial for clients when submitting claims, controlling crude oil suppliers, and preventing unnecessary fiscal payments.

Our advanced crude oil sampling systems are designed in accordance with ISO 3171, API, IP, and ASTM standards, ensuring compliance and reliability. With extensive experience and >10.000 automatic samplers installed globally, KPS offers low-maintenance, sustainable solutions that deliver high accuracy. Using CFD modeling software, we provide truly representative and reliable composite samples for precise hydrocarbon accounting.

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