Carbon Capture Sampling and Analysis

Carbon Capture Usage and Storage (CCUS) is at onset of becoming an essential tool to curb emissions on the move to net zero. Industrial producers will capture their carbon emissions and distribute these to the upstream players who will transport, treat and store the carbon dioxide subsurface.

The nature carbon dioxide as a highly corrosive and dangerous gas, the intricate waya carbon dioxide reacts as a fluid or gas and the associated exhaustion gases necessitates strong control and assurance of the product.

From a safety and process control perspective, operators and regulators will require full control and assurance through measurement and sampling on the emission gasses. KPS has is actively working with customers, regulators and distributors to develop CCUS analysis, manual and automatic sampling systems to enable full control on their supply chain. As the number one specialist in sampling, we can help you solve your unique challenges, with tailored products and solutions. We look forward to explore solutions to your challenges.

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