KPS Turn-Key Automatic Gas Sampling Systems

KPS turn-key automatic gas sampling systems are widely used by major gas-producing companies for custody transfers and fiscal metering purposes. These systems primarily determine the BTU, SGU, and HC dew point of gas streams. Accurate registration using automatic gas sampling systems is crucial for clients submitting claims, controlling gas suppliers, and preventing unnecessary fiscal payments.

Compliance with Standards

KPS automatic gas sampling systems are built in accordance with ISO 8943 and ISO 10715 standards, ensuring truly representative composite samples.

Handling ‘Wet’ Gas and Contaminants

Most gas produced today is ‘wet,’ containing contaminants and heavy hydrocarbons that can condense and contaminate the gas stream if not handled correctly. These contaminants must be maintained within the sample at all stages to ensure accurate final analysis. KPS gas sampling systems prevent sample quality deterioration using multi-stage pressure reducers, which are also employed in manual sampling, volume-based sampling, and gas chromatographs.

Low Maintenance and High Accuracy

KPS gas sampling systems have minimal calibration requirements and eliminate the need for complex field instrumentation. Our unique, low-maintenance designs provide high accuracy based on extensive experience and CFD modeling software.

Integrated System Design

Building an automatic gas sampling system involves combining the right components with the knowledge and integration of the entire process. KPS designs component applications to create fully operational gas sampling systems tailored to customer-specific requirements.

Key Features of KPS Gas Sampling Systems

  • Three Gas Samplers: Each system contains three gas samplers that take independent but comparable samples in a process loop.
  • Fixed Volume Sampling: Systems sample a fixed volume up to 500 ml receivers at critical loading intervals.
  • Constant Pressure Bottles: Samples are stored in constant pressure bottles, ensuring storage under process conditions and minimal contamination.
  • Automation: Systems can be automated with remote I/Os and are compatible with DCS or PLC systems, allowing for monitoring of yield and reliability.

Applications and Benefits

KPS gas sampling systems offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Accurate BTU, SGU, and HC Dew Point Measurement
  • Compliance with ISO Standards
  • Maintenance of Sample Integrity
  • Low Maintenance Requirements
  • Customizable and Fully Integrated Solutions

By utilizing KPS automatic gas sampling systems, gas producers can achieve accurate, reliable, and representative gas sampling, ensuring high-quality results and compliance with industry standards.

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