“The KPS automated sampling systems installed at AWG and K14 have been running for several years now and after the initial start-up without a need for maintenance.“

— Head Metering Services of Shell Upstream International

“KPS’s business is proceeding through strategic growth. KNPC based in Kuwait has now approved KPS as their preferred vendor for sampling systems.”

— Chairman V & CEC KNPC

“We handle more than 50 different crude types and have samplers that have an excellent performance. We went for the KPS made auto samplers because of their performance and the after-sale service.”

— Superintendent of Operations at TEAM Terminal

“We were impressed by the steady performance of the KPS samplers when offloading VLCC’s. We would not hesitate to recommend them to other storage terminals or refineries to measure the crude oil quality.”

—  Maintenance Manager Maatschap Europoort Terminal

Based on positive feedbacks and experiences, KPS was selected for this project”

—  Project Engineer Havatek

“Performance of KPS sampler has been good and requires minimum maintenance”

—  Proces Engineer at Rutgers

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