Air actuated sample extractor
The PS‐01 Probe is a heavy duty reliable and accurate sample extraction device, which is designed to be mounted directly on the main pipeline. The PS‐01 Probe is an integral part of the KPS inline probe sampling systems.

The PS‐01 cell sampler is the ideal solution for a wide range of liquid sampling applications from light gas condensates to refined products and crude oils up to 120ºC. With close to 100 auto samplers installed within a 20 minute range of the head office, in the Rotterdam harbour area. KPS got the opportunity to develop this unique proprietary low maintenance design. The innovative KPS PS‐01 probe sampler is an unique sampler containing several unique features that allow for a unmatched high mean time between failure rate. As a consequence, operators save out a great amount of operational and logistic costs and prevent possible oil losses plus discussions about the reliability and accuracy of the entire sampling system.

The KPS PS‐01 heavy duty automatic sampler allows for a long untroubled and stable performance factor. The KPS PS‐01 is capable of handling crude oils containing high solid contents, and highly viscose crudes. The PS‐01 uses a three‐step technique to assure that the performance stays unaffected by possible variations in the process. The PS‐01 is equipped with a relative large sample inlet to maximize upon sample accuracy. With KPS supplying and servicing auto sampling solutions for over 15 years, the PS‐01 has a proven record of being one of the key components of a reliable and low maintenance automatic sampling system.

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