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Online Oil in Water Monitoring

The Oil in Water Monitors are primarily used for legislation purposes. This to prevent any penalties or discussions on environmental issues. Oil in water monitors are also used to get more information on the behavior of water emissions.

With ppm and ppb oil in water ranges, most online oil in water measurements have difficulties with background interferences and scaling problems. Especially with produced water applications, there tend to be a lot of interfering components effecting most of the oil in water monitors available on the market.

The technologies KPS applies to monitor the amount of oil in water content have a proven record of being reliable and extremely accurate.

Working principle:

kps1The oil in water monitors use fully automated ultrasonic cleaning technology to prevent noticeable fouling of the optical instrument. This oil in water monitor can easily detect and measure the low concentrations in water. The method used is displayed in the figure below.

Sensor Cleaning

Both the in-line probe and side stream formats have fitted with ultrasonic cleaning. A sound wave is passed along the sensor head and through the sapphire window. Cavitations on the surface of the window causes tiny bubbles of water to burst, effectively jet washing the sensor head. The diagram below shows how this works in the probe.

As every produced water setup is different, the intensity and frequency of the ultrasonic bursts can be varied to cater for the effects of different concentrations, oil types, flow rates and temperatures. Each analyzer is set to auto tune its output frequency periodically to ensure optimum performance.

Sample Homogenization

With the side stream version of the analyzers, use of the ultrasonic cleaning has an added benefit. When the sample valve is closed, use of the ultrasonics ensures that the oil particles are broken down to a standard size and distributed evenly around the sample chamber. Creating an homogenised sample in this way allows us to cater for any variance in fluorescence caused by fluctuations in oil droplet size.

kps2A representation of the ultrasonics at work is shown below.

The oil in water monitor detects the aromatic hydrocarbons in the stream of water passing by the sensor. This oil in water monitor measures the fluorescence of the hydrocarbon components in the water. Fluorescence takes place if a molecule absorbs the light energy at a specific wavelength and sends it out with a larger wavelength.

Depending upon the application, the online oil in water monitors come in different designs and constructions:


kps3The Advanced Sensors HD-1000 is a portable handheld Oil in Water analyzer with an integrated probe to measure oil directly in water samples.

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EX-100 / 1000 Sidestream Analyzer

kps4The EX-100 is a side stream analyzer using the fluorescence measurement technique. The EX-1000 has the additional benefit of spectral analysis.

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EX-100M / 1000M

kps5The EX-100M is a side stream analyzer using fluorescence for OIW measurement and microscopy for particle size analysis. The EX-1000M has the additional benefit of spectral analysis.

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kps6The EX-400M is a side stream analyzer using microscopy for particle size analysis, commonly used to determine Total Suspended Solids (TSS).

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kps7The SA-100 is a side stream analyzer using the fluorescence measurement technique. It is designed for use in non-hazardous areas.

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EX-100P / 1000P

kps8The EX-100P is an in-line probe type analyzer using the fluorescence measurement technique. The EX-1000P has the additional benefit of spectral analysis.

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EX-100P2 / 1000P2

kps9The EX-100P2 is a dual in-line probe analyzer using the fluorescence measurement technique. The EX-1000P2 has the additional benefit of spectral analysis

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References of Oil in Water Monitors:

KPS has a large installed base of Oil in Water monitors on a global basis. Please find below a couple of closeby references:

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The gained application knowledge and know how in the area of oil in water monitoring, is applied with the delivery of new build oil in water monitors.

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We were impressed by the steady performance of the KPS samplers when offloading VLCC's. We would not hesitate to recommend them to other storage terminals or refineries to measure the crude oil quality.

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