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Oil/Water Analyzers


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Installed in pipe 0-10.000ppm ppm range Learn more
Installed in Tank / Vessel 0-100% % range Learn more
Handheld 0-1.000ppm ppm range Learn more

Oil in Water Analyzers

The KPS Oil in Water Analysers are used either for determining the quality of the oil during Oil production (BS&W) or for legislation purposes. This to prevent any penalties or discussions on environmental issues.

Oil in water analysers are also used to get more information on the behaviour of water emissions, and for efficiency reasons: "what does it cost to make a barrel of slop oil?"

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Online Oil in Water Analyzers

oilwateranalyzers2Headquartered in the Rotterdam Europoort area, the world's largest oil import and oil export harbor. The KPS Oil in Water Analysers are installed in this area at almost all the major Oil Storage Terminals and Refineries. The gained application knowledge and know how in the area of online oil in water analyses, is applied with the delivery of new build Oil in Water Analysers systems.

The large product portfolio of oil in water and water in oil measurements, allows KPS to be a solution provider. Depending upon the needs the best oil in water measurement can be selected. The years of experience in oil in water analyses has allowed KPS to also give performance guarantees on the solutions that are provided. Furthermore, the Oil in Water measurements provided can be tested with similar process conditions using the KPS flow loop.

FlowOil in Water Range 
Installed in Pipe 0-10.000ppm Learn more on Inline ppm Oil in Water Analysers
Installed in Tank / Vessel 0-100% Learn more on Interface Level Oil in Water Analysers
Handheld 0-1.000ppm Learn more on Handheld ppm Oil in Water Analysers

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The KPS automated sampling systems installed at AWG and K14 have been running for several years now and after the initial start-up without a need for maintenance.

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