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SS-stockThe KPS Filters and Strainers are primarily used to remove solids or unwanted materials from the process stream. Such particles can drastically damage valuable equipment. Depending upon the filter or strainer application, specified pressure loss, maintenance requirements and budget: we have a large product range to select from, to find a suitable filter or strainer.
The KPS Strainer has the largest filtration area on the market for a standard design - making it the most efficient strainer, resulting in very low pressure losses & reduced “down-times” for the customer.
This strainer and filter units are not a low quality Import, but are a European design.

Basket strainers / Bucket strainers:

basket-bucketThe KPS Basket strainers or also called Bucket strainers are extreme maintenance friendly strainers, and have a large filter area. This causes an efficient removal and gathering of solids/unwanted materials of flowing fluids and gasses. All Basket strainers or Bucket strainers comply to the PED 97/23/EC guidelines and have a minimal pressure drop.

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T strainers:

t-strainThe KPS T strainers can be used as an alternative to our standard cast range in order to comply with specific project specifications. The KPS T strainers are also generally more cost effective and readily available for larger sizes i.e. above 12"(300mm) NB and higher pressure.
All T strainers comply to the PED 97/23/EC guidelines and have a minimal pressure drop.

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Y strainers:

y-strainThe KPS Y strainers are the most commonly used and lowest costing type of strainer for permanent applications. The KPS Y strainers are suitable for both horizontal as well as vertical piping. All Y strainers comply to the PED 97/23/EC guidelines and have a minimal pressure drop.

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Temporary Strainers / Cone Strainers:

temporary-coneThe KPS temporary strainers or also called cone strainer are designed for short periods of operation. The KPS temporary strainer or cone strainer are most commonly used at i.e. during commissioning and start up periods of new and reconditioned processes. All temporary strainers or cone strainers comply to the PED 97/23/EC guidelines. After a certain period of operation these temporary strainers will be replaced by permanent or fine strainers. See also Y strainers or Basket strainers.

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Duplex Strainers / Dual Basket Strainers:

duplex-dual-basketThe KPS Duplex strainer is manufactured in a dual configuration with each strainer having two filter chambers. With Duplex strainers, one chamber is on-line and the other on standby. The KPS Duplex strainer allows for continuous operation and no 'down time' during routine maintenance. With the KPS Duplex strainer, change-over between on-line and standby is achieved by utilising the integral ball valve system, which is controlled by a single lever. All Duplex Strainers or Dual Basket strainers comply to the PED 97/23/EC guidelines and have a minimal pressure drop.

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Filter Separators and Coalescers:

filter-separatorsThe KPS Filter Separators and Coalescers are manufactured in either Vertical or horizontal configuration. The KPS Filter Separators and Coalescers are designed for 2 or 3 stage removal of solids & liquids entrained in Gas down to 99.9% of droplets 0.3 micron and larger. The design utilises a combination of Baffles, Cartridges & Demister Pads.
The Filter Separators are available in ANSI 150# to ANSI 1500# ratings in all material grades and are purpose-built to client order specifications. The Filter vessels can also be used in liquid-liquid applications to remove entrained water from fuels.

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The Filters and Strainers of OEM Barton Firtop have a large installed base on a global basis. Please find below a couple of close by references:
The gained application knowledge and know how in the area of Filters and Strainers, is applied with the delivery of new build Filters and Strainers.

gasunie bp dow
exxonmobil shell SBM-offshore nam

The Story of Gasunie

DSC00813Gasunie is an independent natural gas transport provider with a cross-border network in Europe and offers transport services via its subsidiaries Gas Transport Services B.V. (GTS) in the Netherlands and Gasunie Deutschland in Germany. There network ranks among the largest high pressure gas pipeline grids in Europe, consisting of over 15,000 kilometres of pipeline in the Netherlands and northern Germany, dozens of installations and approximately 1,300 gas receiving stations. The annual gas throughput totals approximately 125 billion cubic metres. With KPS having the know how and design capabilities to meet the highest standards on filtration area, pressure drop, and operational safety. KPS was selected to design and supply the basket strainers.

The replacements of the dust filters is part of a large renovation project including 74 measurement & control stations. For these measurement & control stations, the dust filters play a major role. The filters can prevent severe damage of expensive equipment further downstream. Furthermore, hazardous situations can be prevented such as overpressure due to e.g. clocking.

The Basket strainers provided by KPS were able to meet the technically challenging requirements, and makes sure that all the area's or cities with renovated gas supplying stations, are protected from any unwanted particles.

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The KPS automated sampling systems installed at AWG and K14 have been running for several years now and after the initial start-up without a need for maintenance.

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