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Custody Transfer Measurement of Gas

FLNGFiscal metering / custody transfers are all about throughput: quantity! But what about quality? In Fiscal metering / custody transfers, the quality or pipeline contents during production and/or custody transfers is often underestimated. This is despite the fact that it is becoming increasingly more important due to stronger variations in compositions around the globe and the scarce nature of Oil and Gas.

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Custody transfer of Natural Gas

offshore-platform-4KPS is headquartered in the Netherlands, with access to all of the gas producing platforms present in the North Sea. KPS Turn-Key automatic gas sampling systems are installed at many of the major gas producing companies in this area for custody transfer or fiscal metering purposes. The primary function is to determine the BTU's, SGU and HC Dew point of the gas streams. KPS automatic gas sampling systems and LNG sampling systems are also used to obtain information on the status of the gas producing wells and/or the gas being transferred.

Custody Transfer / Fiscal Metering at NAM:

NAM, a 50/50 collaboration of Shell and ExxonMobil, is now the largest gas producer in the Netherlands, with an annual production of around 50 billion m³. 70 % of the gas (37 billion m³) comes from the Groningen field and the rest from various smaller fields elsewhere on the mainland and in the North Sea (15 billion m³). Gas produced by NAM covers approximately 75% of Dutch demand. A recent project at NAM was to build an automatic gas sampling system on an offshore platform for custody transfers / fiscal metering purposes.

gas-sampling1Since KPS has an installed base on all of the major import and export lines, KPS was selected to build this custody transfer and fiscal metering system. As most gas produced today is "wet", with contaminants and some heavy hydrocarbons that will condense and contaminate the gas stream if incorrectly handled, these contaminants needed to be maintained in equilibrium within the sample at all stages of handling so as not to have a detrimental effect on the final analysis. A requirement of the fiscal metering system was that the natural gas produced could be analysed with the highest accuracy and in accordance with the latest API 14.1 standard.

The automatic gas sampling system provided allows NAM to better determine the BTU's, SGU and HC Dew point of the gas at custody transfers / fiscal measurements in order to better make the bill of lading, refute claims and to prevent payment unnecessary tax burdens.

KPS Automatic Gas Sampling Systems are built in accordance with the ISO 10715 standards. KPS is capable of providing a truly representative composite sample, giving both the user and the client/supplier confidence.

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The KPS automated sampling systems installed at AWG and K14 have been running for several years now and after the initial start-up without a need for maintenance.

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