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About KPS

about2We have been helping to meet the world's Auto Sampling & Analysis needs for over 15 years.

Kimman Process Solutions B.V. (KPS) is a leading company in the field of design, manufacturing, and maintenance of Automatic Sampling Systems, Analyser Systems, and Filter / Strainer equipment. Established in 1996, and headquartered in the Rotterdam Europoort area, KPS primarily focuses upon serving the Oil and Gas industry Worldwide.

KPS is a customer-focused and innovative company with both ISO 9001 quality as well as VCA* safety certification. Our staff of experts understands customer needs, problems and applications for services such as custody transfers, refinery processes, and filtration of hydrocarbons. Customer satisfaction is our first priority.

We are experts in custody transfers of Natural Gas and Crude Oils for composition analyses, separation processes in refineries, and the filtration of hydrocarbons. As an example, a large number of our installed automatic crude oil sampling systems are used to verify the bill of lading, for total verifications worth billions of US $ annually. We routinely customize our systems to meet highly specialized analyzer projects, especially in the offshore Oil & Gas production market. KPS is a member of the ISO-3171 committee and also has strategic alliances with both industrial as well as academic institutes to further improve the systems provided.

We utilise in-house instrumentation and expertise to validate analyser performance for customer applications prior to manufacturing and delivering systems worldwide. Essentially, all customer applications are validated prior to the system's shipment in order to qualify the effectiveness of our products to meet customer needs. This also speeds up installation start-up and reinforces the successful customer operation of our systems.

We employ highly skilled field support personnel with field service available in all areas of the world.

KPS Management

Andor Gyurik

Andor CEO since 2018.

With the company since 2018, born in 1963.

M.Sc. in Business Administration

Previous experience in Management, Business Development.


Erik Verloop

Erik VerloopDirector Sales since 2007.

With the company since 2001.

Born in 1980.

M.Sc. in Management of Innovation and Technologies

Previous experience in R&D and Engineering.

Pieter Verloop

Pieter Verloop Technical Director since 2008.

Member of the ISO-3171 committee

With the company since 2001, born in 1979.

M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering

Previous experience in R&D and Engineering.

The KPS automated sampling systems installed at AWG and K14 have been running for several years now and after the initial start-up without a need for maintenance.

Head Metering Services of Shell Upstream International


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